Monday, August 20, 2012

ducks and a chill day

these are just randon pics from the trio that had no complete post sooo prepare for randomness
 my dad knows i hate snakes the whole time I was there he'd put fake ones in my bed at night or when id come out of bathrooms while shopping he'd throw them in the bathroom stall and id scream.. hes a prankster but i love him for it, I guess thats where i get it from!
 really they held hands everywhere!!!! and were just teh best of buddies
 aunt cacia loves to do nails, and I adore when she does cocos! she;ll hold still for her!
 we went to see the ducks in north ogden by the artisian well, coco loved throwing the bread in with meemah, and when she ran out she threw in her shoe! and my mom chased it down yay for supergrandma! we'll defiantly have to do this again- it thrilled her to the core! I think he's has a soft spot for animals which is weird because brandon and I do not...whatsoever like, if my kids ever get a pet it will be a shell that looks like a hermit crab that i move around at night when they sleep so they think its alive :) good thing aunt ketty likes animals!

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