Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Valentines this year was a special day for me and the kiddos. I just wanted to have an awesome rockstar kindve day. A day where we tried a bunch of really fun new things. I took them to the farmers market and they were so obedient and wonderful said thank you ...played nicely followed me every thing I have practiced so hard with harrison he's just done great with lately. Everything went awesome that day. It was like their valentines present to me. We got balloon animals decorated cookies got chic strawberries for grandma and aunties... got a slurpee played on the farm equipment play place and even did a little Photo Booth. I love these munchkins and I realize how fast they are growing and how little time I really do have with them.  I just really wanted to remember this day.

The kids valentines they took to school... Which the ones with pop got sent back because of food allergies.. umm its just water and sugar people in a closed container.. I miss the 80's. I can't wait for my kids to be in a less rulesy school next year.

 I really wanted to thank all my kids aides and teachers... they work so hard to help all the kiddos and I love them all. the past three years at renfrew have been life changing for harrison and We've worked together to get him where he is.. I'm so sad to leave there next year. Its become a little family for me. So we made bouquets and took them to the teachers... it was a friday so coco gave most of them away.. but the smile on her face made it worth it.. I love to teach my kids to give. Its the best feeling in the world. For the tutorial on how to make these you can visit my business blog.. aka the pretty one I take the time to spell check... LOL

 Brandon let me pick my own flowers out for v day... GOOD MAN... I love my flowers.. I said to the florist the weirder and funkier the better!
 My cuties ready for their v day party at school! we love holidays at this house.. Brandon was warned before marrying me!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a couple months in one post

ok I admit since blogging has disapaited a tad but I think I still need to write frown details so I remember them also... so heres a short and sweet post from the last couple months

 coco and I are always freezing so we got matching cozy slippers
 we had an awesome fun boy night while brandon took coco on a daddy daughter date but before he left he did a little rudolph pose and the boys thought it was hilarious.. I love how jett is like my other little guy and these three are best buddies. we had lots of fun
 Brandons work party for shell was so fun this year we hung out with the other traders which made it better because we act knew them.. sometimes they seat you at tables where you know nobody so the layout was tons better this year! the decor was insane.... huge huge room with chandeliers and sequin performers and people on stilts ... they had tons of food stations which were fun to go mingle and visit each one...and they were all a diff genre of food really cool!.. and great music... live band then dj then jazz singer it was nice they changed it up... i ordered a gold sequin skirt off etsy and was sparkly yet so comfy the whole night.. I've never really cared about the comfort of my clothes till this year... Brandons rubbing off on me....
 shell also has a kids party every year... they rent a ballroom at the zoo and we get to go visit animals before the party... harrison is obsessed with penguins... he has one that he named jordan and it follows him everywhere...

 we both got glasses this year i think he looks adorable... this is when both of ours fogged up from the weather....
 hes soooo cute! I can't stand it!
 calgary winter is wearing on us I'm running out of entertaining ideas....
 what a sweetie don't let this deceive you she's been the hard child lately
 I got a piano for x mas.. I'm so excited to get my kids in lessons and I want to take them too... if time ever allows life is kindle insane.. but I guess I like it that way
 I love supersaturday I wish they had it every month... ps its my dream calling someone please put me in charge someday
 Brandon reads to the kids in french... its hot...and adorable all at the same time
 looking cute on a 9 am sunday is worth documenting in this house now if i could just get them all to look at the camera and have coco stop counting to three on her fingers.. LOOK AT THE CIRCLE SMILE.. LAUGH CIRCLE CIRCLE!
 my decor for x mas... I love gold right now .. did i ever mention i cant stand red and green together... thats why i boycott traditional x mas decor
 we started some new french traditions this x being pere noel coming and bringing pjs and slippers...
 brooke turned thirty I ordered her an awesome cake bottom level is because she has all boys.. piano keys because she is a pianist number 30's an ottoman for design books and laptop for the top... solo dang cute!
 cute minis in their x max jammies.. I can't resist micky mouse  simple print....thats hard to find.. because I don't like cartoon characters on my kids clothes.. but i love disneyland!
 do you wanna build a snowman? went and saw frozen its adorbs.... loved it....and harrison thinks frosty is real... he was sad when he put the hat on and he didn't come to life.. then greyson said maybe if we dance like in the movie he;ll come to life.. i saved the day by telling them we needed christmas snow.....phewwww
 this kid loves winter.. and for having autism he sure is my most animated child.... believe it.. not stereotypes.. he gets so excited about simple little things and I love that I get that blessing in my life.
 toys r us magazine came we tore it apart and made letters.. they all put a bouncy house on their list.. you can tell what type of kids I have.....
 gingerbread houses for young women's.... wednesdays are hard because Brandon and I are both in mutual.... so we end up splitting kids... and greyson has soccer on wed nights so we usually have to find someone  to take him wednesdays.. its just been a nightmare lately with scheduling .. grey man you better thank me some day.. because we never miss! mostly because you have way to much energy to go unleashed!
 sparkly skirt
 rollerskating at brooks 30th birthday
 santa at south centre mall
 and the annual nativity pageant for mutual.. the kiddos came with us.. I love that calgary has this its one of my fav things....

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The lipstick Saga

oh coco....
This little crazy has been into my expensive makeup lately... like the limited edition MAC lipsticks that I love. She says they make her look like a princess.  And instead of calling it lipstick she calls it lips... MOM I NEED MY LIPS! It's so hard to get mad when she's makebelieving. But she always knows she's in trouble because she will break into sobs If I get mad at her.  So we went to Target to get her some lip smackers hoping this would alleviate the need to get into mine..obviously they are clear... and she was not happy. They need to be colorful mommy! I swear if this girl dosn't turn out to be a makeup artist I'll be shocked. She watches me put my makeup on every morning and just compliments me it's adorable. Mommy you look so beautiful just like a princess....she melts my heart. I love her sweet little voice and tender heart. Her crisp blue eyes and tiny giggle. We celebrated her 3.5 birthday last week. A new tradition where we sing half of happy birthday get cupcakes.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1st day of school stories

But I have to write these down or I will forget them all!

Coco on her first day of preschool...fell and got a goose egg in gym time.. alanna her teacher called me..i know her because my boys both had her last year..she starts by..Bree your the first phone call of the year... in my head" great who did what! REALLY 1st day boys!"..and instead she said coco fell...then i felt bad.. alanna chimed in.. but I really had to call to tell you she said the funniest stuff today... she came over crying after she fell saying sorry miss alana I was just chasing the bright rainbow ball and didn't watch where I was going..she then preceded to get in alanas lap and say.. hold me and sing me a lullaby...Alana said she's never laughed that hard over a kids sweetness... she also handed her sweater to Agie one of the aides to the teacher and said I'm just way too cozy can you take this to my mommy for me. The bus driver said she was chatty and wouldn't stop asking him questions...not surprised...

Harrison.. 1st day of school was a breeze for him this year after he knew Jett man was with him in teh same class.. I swear those two were crazy buddies in heaven together. He told me he played legos with Jett and did the goodbye song and played on teh sounds like a great 1st day of kindergarten! anyways we were on the way home from somewhere...and were in the car and watching despicable me 2..where grue gets married. CoCo says I'm going to marry Greyson.. I chime in Don't you want to Marry Harrison? changes every week....then Harrison pipes up. MOM SHE CAN ONLY HAVE 1!... I think Brandon spit out his coke.. and then said to me don't show him the family tree!( lets just say there are a lot of Johnsons for a reason Brandons great great great grandpa may have had a couple wives) LOL OH MY GOSH My sides hurt so bad!

Greyson..First day of school was good I think He was taking it all in... He was very excited he got to be the star leader today..and I'm pretty sure he was happy Harrison wasn't there to be sad that he didn't get the star.. YAY no more sibling rivalry in class this year! anyways its a love /hate relationship being a twin... soo he knows that his cousin jett is in the other classroom with Harrison so he's over on the wall knocking for 15 minutes.. His teacher comes over and asks what hes doing...He says I'm just trying to get jett to sneak over here! Those boys are inseparable. So sad they are in different classes this year. I told the teacher to pick because I coulnt make that all those boys!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

24th of July

So I finally was able to be down in Utah for a holiday in July, usually we cant because Brandon has to be back for work. So this time after our trip to Bear lake I just stayed down in Utah an extra week with the kids. The 24th is my sisters birthday and also pioneer day in Utah...aka its like an extra 4th of July and we get fireworks all over again. My dad throws a firework show for the neighborhood and everyone watches. Its very fun and something I've missed horribly about home. So here`s a couple pics of the awesomeness that is the 24th. 
We had our fam fav tempura..for my sisters birthday and then went out to watch fireworks. The boys loved the parachutes and we had a ton of mortars. Evia and coco loved sitting all cuddled together and Greyson rocked my dads shop headphones which were meant for Harrison in case it was too loud for him. But Harrison didn't need them and Greyson just thought they looked awesome. 
Very fun night! I felt like I was American again. Even if it was just for a couple days.

happy birthday aunt Acacia

sitting at the kids table for dinner (and dessert)

what are you saying?

we caught the parachute guys

cant stop laughing

no boys allowed on this chair!