Thursday, August 22, 2013

24th of July

So I finally was able to be down in Utah for a holiday in July, usually we cant because Brandon has to be back for work. So this time after our trip to Bear lake I just stayed down in Utah an extra week with the kids. The 24th is my sisters birthday and also pioneer day in Utah...aka its like an extra 4th of July and we get fireworks all over again. My dad throws a firework show for the neighborhood and everyone watches. Its very fun and something I've missed horribly about home. So here`s a couple pics of the awesomeness that is the 24th. 
We had our fam fav tempura..for my sisters birthday and then went out to watch fireworks. The boys loved the parachutes and we had a ton of mortars. Evia and coco loved sitting all cuddled together and Greyson rocked my dads shop headphones which were meant for Harrison in case it was too loud for him. But Harrison didn't need them and Greyson just thought they looked awesome. 
Very fun night! I felt like I was American again. Even if it was just for a couple days.

happy birthday aunt Acacia

sitting at the kids table for dinner (and dessert)

what are you saying?

we caught the parachute guys

cant stop laughing

no boys allowed on this chair!

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