Thursday, September 5, 2013

1st day of school stories

But I have to write these down or I will forget them all!

Coco on her first day of preschool...fell and got a goose egg in gym time.. alanna her teacher called me..i know her because my boys both had her last year..she starts by..Bree your the first phone call of the year... in my head" great who did what! REALLY 1st day boys!"..and instead she said coco fell...then i felt bad.. alanna chimed in.. but I really had to call to tell you she said the funniest stuff today... she came over crying after she fell saying sorry miss alana I was just chasing the bright rainbow ball and didn't watch where I was going..she then preceded to get in alanas lap and say.. hold me and sing me a lullaby...Alana said she's never laughed that hard over a kids sweetness... she also handed her sweater to Agie one of the aides to the teacher and said I'm just way too cozy can you take this to my mommy for me. The bus driver said she was chatty and wouldn't stop asking him questions...not surprised...

Harrison.. 1st day of school was a breeze for him this year after he knew Jett man was with him in teh same class.. I swear those two were crazy buddies in heaven together. He told me he played legos with Jett and did the goodbye song and played on teh sounds like a great 1st day of kindergarten! anyways we were on the way home from somewhere...and were in the car and watching despicable me 2..where grue gets married. CoCo says I'm going to marry Greyson.. I chime in Don't you want to Marry Harrison? changes every week....then Harrison pipes up. MOM SHE CAN ONLY HAVE 1!... I think Brandon spit out his coke.. and then said to me don't show him the family tree!( lets just say there are a lot of Johnsons for a reason Brandons great great great grandpa may have had a couple wives) LOL OH MY GOSH My sides hurt so bad!

Greyson..First day of school was good I think He was taking it all in... He was very excited he got to be the star leader today..and I'm pretty sure he was happy Harrison wasn't there to be sad that he didn't get the star.. YAY no more sibling rivalry in class this year! anyways its a love /hate relationship being a twin... soo he knows that his cousin jett is in the other classroom with Harrison so he's over on the wall knocking for 15 minutes.. His teacher comes over and asks what hes doing...He says I'm just trying to get jett to sneak over here! Those boys are inseparable. So sad they are in different classes this year. I told the teacher to pick because I coulnt make that all those boys!

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  1. What a Crazy fun day!! What did you do with HOURS to yourself? hehe