Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The haze has lifted

I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. The lack of sleep and exhaustion of trying to take care of three very little ones has worn on me heavily the last month and there were moments I thought I couldn't make it till 5 pm when Brandon walks through that beautiful door downstairs. But the hormones have leveled and I'm starting to get a system down on how I handle three under 2 at the same time. I have a new appreciation for mothers of high order multiples. And mothers with multiple children close in age. I don't know how they do it. They are my heroes.

Part of me is still scared to attempt going out with 3 of them. I have a double stroller- and my boys arn't that great at following me yet. One of them has to walk cause Chloes in the stroller now. We attempted the park and did ok. Maybe we'll have to try the store this week. I miss being able to be mobile. It's hard for me I feel my independence being lost just a little. It's teaching me to ask for help. To humble myself. I know it will get easier and already I'm feeling better about handling all 3. All I can say is that
I'm greatful for great friends family Brandon and the sunshine-
it helps heal me.
Oh my Brandon who personally cheers me on every day.
Don't know how I got him.



  1. I conquered Wal-Mart today- just barely, but I did it! Totally know what you mean about trying to get out though, Kalea doesn't listen to me so I def don't trust her to just walk along beside the stroller. I think the park is a really good start. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, it's only been a month!

  2. I can tell you're feeling better! I"m always up for an outing and we shall have many so don't you worry!

  3. You are amazing! I am always so impressed with how strong and positive you are.

    Good job mom!

  4. Just take it one day at a time. My good friend had 4 under 3 and kind of snapped a little. Now that I have a child I can understand how that would happen. One day at a time, lots of prayers, and clinging to your best friend. I'm impressed that you had another baby so close to the twins! You are my hero haha!

  5. That last comment was mine...I am in Utah and was on my parents computer haha.

  6. I'm so glad that you are starting to feel more like yourself again and it's always nice to get a system down right :) then we fell like we have control again. Your system will get better and you will be able to be your normal self again and we will all still be thinking "wow! She IS super mom!" On another note Ethan loves looking at pictures of Chloe. I don't know why but he always climbs on my lap and repeats over and over "it's baby!" hopefully he'll like our baby when the time comes. It was nice to hear your voice the other day! Love you and miss you!

  7. Bree i know how you feel i am feeling sick of my body as well so maybe we can keep each other updated and inspire each other because i look scary and i want to be better keep it up you can do it love ya