Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's not very princess like....

Like father like daughter-it's so funny how they are alike they sleep the same have the same eyes and thick hair. I know Brandon adores her and it makes me laugh that we fight over who gets to hold her- didn't have that problem with two twin boys last time. She's such an amazing baby cuddly quiet and just oozes sweetness. She already is getting bigger and it makes me sad. Her neck is freakishly strong. And we love the way she curls into brandon on our bed every night- she knows daddy is warm- that girl hates to be cold! I Love when Brandon talks to her. If she ever spits up or cries really loud or does other smelly things......he holds her and goes thats not very princess like- it's just super funny the way he says it and I love that he loves having a daughter.
I just want to squeeze this picture!


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  1. ohhh I love it! So sweet! There is something a baby girl can do to a daddy that no one else can! I love seeing dads and their lil' princesses!