Tuesday, March 23, 2010

luck of the irish

Brandon took the 17th off as a lou day from work so we thought wed go get some important stuff done like getting Chloe's passport pictures taken and sent in so we can cross the border. Brandon and I arn't really animal people- so needless to say the only pet our kids will get is a pet rock. So we took them into petland while co co's photos were developing. The boys loved the birds- they were a little scared of the dogs- but they loved the fish and birds. It was cute to see them so intrigued.
oh harrison your pouty face ... one day a girl will like that
happy little greyson all in green
Chloe in her st patty's day outfit from grandma- I love that I can put clips in her hair! And it's all fuzzy and black!
We all wore green but Unfortunately I forgot to get in a picture. I love St Patricks day and Can't wait until the boys are bigger to celebrate it like crazy. I have always felt a love for Irish culture especially dance. Sad I have none in me-
at least not that I know of!



  1. I love taking Mila to the Pet store:) No pets for us either....arent passport pics silly for babies? They change so fast

  2. LOVE their little green outfits. SO cute!!!