Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Valentines this year was a special day for me and the kiddos. I just wanted to have an awesome rockstar kindve day. A day where we tried a bunch of really fun new things. I took them to the farmers market and they were so obedient and wonderful said thank you ...played nicely followed me every thing I have practiced so hard with harrison he's just done great with lately. Everything went awesome that day. It was like their valentines present to me. We got balloon animals decorated cookies got chic strawberries for grandma and aunties... got a slurpee played on the farm equipment play place and even did a little Photo Booth. I love these munchkins and I realize how fast they are growing and how little time I really do have with them.  I just really wanted to remember this day.

The kids valentines they took to school... Which the ones with pop got sent back because of food allergies.. umm its just water and sugar people in a closed container.. I miss the 80's. I can't wait for my kids to be in a less rulesy school next year.

 I really wanted to thank all my kids aides and teachers... they work so hard to help all the kiddos and I love them all. the past three years at renfrew have been life changing for harrison and We've worked together to get him where he is.. I'm so sad to leave there next year. Its become a little family for me. So we made bouquets and took them to the teachers... it was a friday so coco gave most of them away.. but the smile on her face made it worth it.. I love to teach my kids to give. Its the best feeling in the world. For the tutorial on how to make these you can visit my business blog.. aka the pretty one I take the time to spell check... LOL

 Brandon let me pick my own flowers out for v day... GOOD MAN... I love my flowers.. I said to the florist the weirder and funkier the better!
 My cuties ready for their v day party at school! we love holidays at this house.. Brandon was warned before marrying me!

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