Tuesday, August 28, 2012


do happen... all asleep at the same time, We have played hard this summer- I've been working all week at organizing the kids stuff for back to school this will be the boys 2nd year of preschool- and I'm excited to have routine again. I know they enjoy school as well so it's good for all of us.  plus coco is starting dance in the mornings so I'm thrilled I get to watch her be a mini ballerina.

new things going on right now...

coco love my little ponies- as you can see in the picture
she also loves feeding her baby dolls and making them go to bed- putting diapers on every toy she owns. she mixes up yellow and pink, and has the sweetest little voice right now.

greyson-new fav thing is singing wise man and the foolish man- everywhere he goes! it's almost getting annoying- we have video we'll post later he's pretty adorable. did i mention greyson is Brandons shadow- literally wants nothing to do with me right now its heartbreaking.. LOVES HIS DAD! also he starts every sentence with because.....crazy boy!

 Harrison is just happy right now we're in a great place with little man..I started a new incentive chart with caterpillars- greyson asks me all the time mom can I do something good so I can get a caterpiller- when they have a full one we get to go to callaway park,, every time greyson gets a caterpillar, harrison will run over and hug me, without fail, then will kiss me, and say ok give me my caterpillar happy face mommy!- I guess he knows where my weak spot is- sneaky boy! He loves to play board games right now candyland is his favorite- he gets excited when anyone wins.

I'm getting to help with choreography for the calgary temple celebration that the youth are performing- our stake is in charge of the stampede scene, so we're in the process of building a midway and a whole bunch of stampede stuff, along with learning music and choreo- It's super fun for me to be involved in something like this again, its been a while since I've gotten to dance. And I miss it so much! I keep telling brandon I want to quit my etsy shop and teach again, who knows maybe it will happen someday.

Brandons still working for shell- he's been there 5 years- and got some appreciation award thing for staying with them for 5 years he has this cute little shell pin he wears on his lapel- I'm still amazed he gets up so early for us. Trading floors open at 7 so he has t be downtown by 630 which means he has to leave cranston around 545. that right there is a hard worker. I'm greatful for him and that he never complains.

Our mortgage term is up in february and we're debating how many years we want to renew our mortgage for, we know were staying in cranston for a tad longer, but starting to think about longer term and where we want to go next.  Id love to go to utah or idaho but we have to wait for my citizenship to be done...for harrisons fscd therapy to be over...making sure there are resources for him wherever we may end up..and if there were any trading jobs in utah/idaho maybe we could go back...lot's of if's. Houston is kindve the place for oil and gas...not my number one choice. If not I still love calgary..We really would love to be in an older lake community as all of us are water babies and I love trees. And especially because it's great for Harrison. He's so free and happy when he's in the water. that or we need a pool! We cant believe it's been 5 years since we' moved into our house and I was 8 months pregnant with the boys. Lots to think about..and it's our 7th anniversary next week- where did the time go?

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