Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some projects I'm working on...

ok sorry this is sideways but i dont have time to get it flipped- anyways its my new menu board-1 slot for every day of the week with a recipe in it. It helps me when I grocery shop and ill put coupons I find that will go with that meal in the slot. Its on a pieceof mdf coard covered in batting then fabric and staple gunned to the back. and then I just glue gunned ribbon on for the slots. YAY for damask!

I'm making my boys costumes- I couldnt find anything that I liked. I guess I'm not a stuffed animal kind of girl. So they are going to be a pair of dice! or double roll. I'm dressing them in white pajamas. They aren't quite done yet-as you can see the modge podge is still drying.- I have to finish off the edges.- I just took cardborad painted it white cut out black dots and modge podged it down. I'm going to attatch ribbon so it wraps around there bodies. So excited!

These are for the midnapore craft fair I'm making vinyl lettering boards and blocks. $35 bucks per board and $20 for block sets. I do them in any color you want and sand the edges to antique them. I really am starting to adore power tools. I guess i have lots of my dad in me. The one I'm most excited to make is going to say tu tu adorable on a pink board with pegs to hang dance shoes on- i'm going to drill holes in it and hang with tulle- so it looks like a tu tu! So excited. Anyone Have any cute quotes you think would be cute on them?


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  1. Depends on what you're looking for really but I have two quotes for family signs... both of them have FAMILY in large letters in the background and then over top in smaller italic letters they say either "all because two people fell in love" or "is where your story begins". I think both of those are sweet for signs. I also like "always kiss me goodnight" and (in big letters) "BOYS" and then smaller over top "frogs, snails and puppy dog tails" Not sure if any of those would work, but it's worth a try. Love the boys costumes though :) are you doing the hats too? (both in black hats with a little black yarn coming out the top of each attaching to the other one)