Wednesday, November 5, 2008

P is for...

Pine Cones... In my Urns! brooke told me I needed to post this so I decided to post it under p instead of waiting until U. I went to the store twisted goods in the north of Calgary-man they have some cool stuff. Plus it's right next to H and M yummy- anyways back to my urns- I just took my summer planters and planted bulbs in them- then I put all my twisted twigs pods willow balls and sparkly stuff and pine cones - for the holidays and put them in my urns- I still think I might need a little more filler but this is what they look like so far- my decor this year is going to be chocolates brass gold and coppers- I'm working on a square wreath with ornaments on it- I'll post it later maybe under w!


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  1. Bree They look awesome....... I got some filler at Walmart that I am waiting for you opinion on. Hope you feeling better