Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shell Christmas Party

The boys met santa today. They aren't afraid of other people holding them. Greyson just likes to pull on things like santa's beard.

Greyson got a lion and Harrison an elephant. They sing songs, Bree has already threatened to make them toys for Grandma's house.

Ok this is what else happened at the kiddie party. So the Hr lady walks into the room and I notice she is wearing the exact same shirt as I am! So.. I leave my coat on- Thank Heavens I had a coat! THey did some really cute stuff for the kids- they bought glass ornaments and had paint glitter ect and the kids made ornaments! HOW CUTE! And the parents have a momento- great all around! LOVED the idea! The santa that cam - his beard was real and when they called greysons name to sit on his lap greyson pulled his beard and hurt the poor santa!!! Evryone was laughing there heads off- someone has video so if I get it I'll post it. We wanted to join in on the ornament making- I can't resist a craft so I decided to dip the boys hands in gold paint and put there handprint on a clear ornament! I love them and they sparkle on my tree. I think it's great they do a kids party and an adult Party. Especially when the adult party consists of dinner and lots of people drinking- It's nice to get to know people when they are sober! In fact the first christmas party we went to When Brandon worked for BP was hilarious- they gave us a bottle of wine and a gift - we were excited and didnt open it till later- when we opened it it was a highend cork screw- we laughed our heads off.We've kept it waiting to give it to somone who would actually like it- hmm yeah we've had it for 3 years. but I guess by the time we find someone it might be worth something!

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  1. Thank goodness you had a coat on to hide your shirt! That would have been a disaster! lol you are so cute bree! you make me laugh!The boys look adorable!