Saturday, December 6, 2008

Merry Christmas from Shell

So Brandons Christmas party was yesterday. Brooke and Mik watched the boys for us and brandon and I got a night on the town. It was such a blast. We had a lot of fun. I love his company parties because it's an excuse for me to dress up. I guess I'm still a big kid. I love buying the new dress and doing my hair and makeup and watching brandon walk in and look at me and smile- that makes it all worth it. I love going downtown amidst the huge buildings and cool architecture and all the lights. I really am a city girl. I adore it. Cocktails started at 6:30 and dinner was at 7:30. I love that they come out in tuxes and offer you really pretty appetizers- it just thrills me that they look cool. I love ordering my virgin drinks and once again how fun they always look. My personal fav is a shirly temple. Orange juice soda water and cherry syrup with a cherry. My dress this year had a little 20's flair along with my headband that had feathers and some netting. I'm in love with it. I also love when Brandon gets dressed up. He looks amazing in a suit and I love when he smells good. Not that he dosn't smell good other times :) so we go into dinner and sit at table 16. The party was held at the Chamber of Commerce Building this year. It's a very old building in Calgary with a lot of charm. It was built in the 1800's. I really love it's character. I took pictures of the moldings and lights cause I thought they were cool.( thpictures don't do it justice really- I needed better light) You also ride in a very old elevator to get there- it kind've feels like hollywoods tower of terror! So Cool! Dinner was excellent- my favorite part was the red pepper soup- it was delicious. They had salmon and veggies rolls beef salad bread- and the butter was really really pretty! Can you tell I just love this. It's fun to talk with the other traders and schedulers and hear what they say about Brandon- it always amuses me. They call him Brando and Jonesy because his ring tone is Indiana Jones- which is a very important movie to us ;) We had a wonderful time listening to the jazz band- which was really good this year I have to say-eating the food(in peace may I add) was wonderful- and just being together made the night very special for me- we need more nights out- it was incredible to have a night to ourselves- we owe you Brooke and Mi k- so returning the favor! so nice to just be with Brandon alone- I'm still head over hills for the man!- he probabally won't appreciate my cheesiness.:) eh knew what he was getting into when he married me- that's all I have to say!

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  1. you look H-O-T Bree! Love the hair and outfit. It makes me sad that we are going to be missing Alan's BMO party.... at least we'll make the boston pizza one??!!? Think it would be funny if i was all dolled up for that one?!
    when do you head to the Dominican?