Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Johnson room ideas

I'm horrible at making decisions but these are a few of my fav ideas I found for the babies room. I can't decide whether I want soft pink- or black and white with a more vibrant hot pink. I'd love to do the argyle print on one wall behind her crib- without the word dream-and in hot pink and black- also loving the hat boxes and chandeliers- vote for your fav room on the sidebar!
also if you want to see the coolest website ever! you can customize your own crib bedding its so fun to play with heres the link...

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  1. Cute ideas....I like some of them for an older girls room, like a teen...but 4 is chic and also soft and baby like...but I might just like it because that is one of the ones I've looked at lol

  2. Oh and the one with the Damask that is red...that is exactly like my sister in law's room...I'll have to have her send you a picture... it is really pretty...I'm going pretty crazy with the my comments...... I want to see you at thanksgiving time..............

  3. My daughter was looking over my shoulder when I pulled this up. Her reaction to that first picture was the same as mine, "Oh, I LOVE that crib. It's SO cool". Go with it!
    I'd also go with a pink in between hot pink and baby. Go Barbie pink or something. You'll find the perfect one. You could also do the argyle with both colours. Just an idea.

  4. Also LOVE the polka-dot rug. LOVE IT!

  5. You are going to love having pink to buy!
    I just did the framed damask idea in my study last week & love it.