Saturday, September 19, 2009

The boys are crazy today

{I miss this a lot today}

Does anyone else ever have those days where you just think you might break down- today is one of those days. I love my boys but they are seriously into everything- and as much as things are baby proof with one- its not always so with two little minds working together
Example 1: they knock the baby gate down together so when I go to take a shower all i hear is pounding on the door and wails of why did you leave us mom!

Example 2: together they can open up our entertainment center- that has no handles get into the dvds take them all out of the cases and scratch them-{Brandon not impressed} in seriously under 5 minutes- It's like I can't leave them for 2 seconds- they also find every toilet paper roll in our house and destroy it to shreds or they rip up there own wipesso i have a 1/4 square to wipe- so aggravating.or books or take everything off of the shelves in the office- climb on the table knock over my vase -get my spoon and leftover milk from the cereal I'm eating and fling it all over my computer. uggghh!!!!

Example 3: Ill be changing one of them which is already hard and the other will take away my wipes and diapers- don't know why they think this is funny but it is.

They are driving me nuts- they never ever stop!!!
and I won't start on my poor floors and carpets- they dumped out a windex bottle last week- I now have a huge blue stain on my carpet- and there is a constant dump below there high chairs that I'm so sick of cleaning I could scream.

I know they will start to understand things soon- but could it please come a little sooner- they work as a team and I'm outnumbered.
Brandon and I need a vacation alone for about two weeks to maybe get our energy level back to normal. We're exhausted...



  1. Yikes! I totally relate and to times it by two makes me want to cry for you. I think it is definately the age. My husband is the most patient man on the earth and even he said last night, "I don't think we can ever eat out again until Rider gets older." He is a maniac. I think everything you listed has happened and does happen daily at our house. What were we thinking have another one? Hang in there mama! You are so sassy and sophisticated. YOu can do this.

  2. Bree...Hang in there. Welcome to toddlerhood. My girls help each other get into everything, too! And the messes, I cannot even go there! I feel your pain and frustrations! Especially right now while I am trying to finish school. You are not alone! Just breathe. Sorry, not much else we can do.... :(

  3. i seriously can't even begin to imagine having twins. you are one strong momma!

  4. oh I heart you! Seriously, you should get away for a couple weeks... leave em at the in-laws, or in Utah, and fly out from there (flights are cheaper in the states anyway!) If you need just a mommy break, drop em off here! I do sympathize with you, but do remember that (so I hear) one day we'll look back and miss these days....

  5. Can I just say that I can totally relate to all of this AND I only have ONE??? She has the mind of twins lately and I totally totally know what you mean. I think it's even worse being pregnant and trying to find the patience to deal with it all. I can't really offer help, because I am struggling with her, but maybe it'll help to know that you are not at all alone in this right now! Funny I was just planning a weekend trip for Steve and I LOL

  6. You can do it!

    I believe the key to reigning in frustration when it comes to toddlers is to remember they are those precious little ones heavenly father entrusted you with. Lots of prayers and patience and child proofing will help you. Expect them to get into everything- it's just them exploring their world. Children are not malicious, even though you wonder sometimes when it is 2 against 1...

    I have found it is those little victories at the end of the day where you can reflect & realize that you didn't lose your patience too often & your kids went to bed happy & healthy; that makes me feel re-energized for the next day.