Monday, October 19, 2009

into everything

Oh my boys have been uber cute this week I just wanted to document what they've done thats made me and Brandon smile.

First they found the diaper box and thought it was a fun hiding spot- I have almost an exact picture of me in a box like this and I'm Harrisons twin- Brandon has one of him in a box and looks like Greysons twin- ill have to see if I can find those later.

Greyson loves putting this waste basket on his head he'll walk around for hours with it on- its hilarious he'll stick his fingers out and touch you and laugh- crazy boy.

The new Black eyed peas song I got a feeling- We turn that on and they both go bizirk turn around in circles swing their arms- Ive never seen anything that entertaining-and Greyson makes his eyes go big gets all stiff and kind've does the robot-I don't know how but I die laughing at his cuteness. Harrison will bounce to the timing and nod his head really big. I'm still trying to get an awesome video of this.
The other day I asked greyson to bring me his bottle and he did I almost wept with joy- communication has been established!
Their words include...light- oh man Im so sick of lights in my house
harrison says ball and bottle, diaper 123 and thank you and
Greyson says car car ,room uh oh, and thank you.

We also went to the store this week and made the mistake of walking down the toy aisle- Greyson reached for a big yellow car and harrison found a baby laptop- when we tried to take them away it wasn't a pretty sight- at least we know what to get them for christmas!

I can just tell there learning a lot lately and they've been super good for me.

and.. greysons finally getting's dark!


  1. Love it! I'm glad they're being good for you too! They are some adorable little men!

  2. I agree communication is HUGE, it is amazing. fun and busy boys.

  3. So SO much fun. I love these random events in our kids lives. It's so special and I'm glad you're documenting them!