Thursday, November 12, 2009

antiquing anyone?

so you know what makes me extremely excited
4 of my dear friends and I are going to Kallispell Montana to shop this weekend-

I know what your thinking Kalispell- but oh people there are treasures to be found. On the way thereis a place called Nanton- famous for antiques-

Check out this link to see the cute little shops and info on when they are open ect... And keep it in mind if your ever on the hunt for an old treasure and happen to be driving through alberta.
Can you imagine 4 of us antiquing together without
having to pick up bottles and animal crackers.


The possibilities of what we can paint white will be endless!
Did I also mention Target and mexican food- oh how I love thee- and 4 giggly girls in a hotel room- yeah we're not gonna sleep-I'm pumped!

Stay tuned for updates on treasures.
My goal is to find a vintage dress form eek!!!!



  1. haha oh man! I'll make sure to pack the tie-downs and possibly the rooftop carrier! haha it'll be legen.... wait for it.... dary!

  2. Who doesn't love road trips! You have some super fun and good friends up there I'm glad. If it were in the cards for me to be able to go I would so be on board right now! I hope you have fun and take pictures of all your painted white things and by the way I found a website you might find interesting check it out it's called it makes me want a sewing machine even more so I don't have to borrow my moms all the time! Love you!