Thursday, November 19, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like....

My new treasure from target- I screamed inside a little when I saw it- red...scalloped..entertaining..baked goods.. all my fav things in one
enough said...
it was like the heavens opened when I saw this beauty!
I'm teaching a class this saturday on entertaining- one of my fav things to do is put new art up every holiday or just change it a little so it goes with the season- this piece for instance will probably get a coat of cream in the spring time. Seriously people this is so cheap to do get a 40 percent coupon from michales buy some canvases go to the dollar store get some paint- sketch a silhouette of something you love- they are easier to mess up on :) and ta da- a fresh winter scene in your house for under 20 bucks- that can be reinvented later!
Also another inexpensive decor solution if your not into sketching anything- just get the canvas- some mistints from Benjermin moore-they are half as much turn the canvas sideways and pour the paint down- I suggest doing the darkest colors first so the lighter ones show up.
I'm kind've into woodland creatures right now- I had an extra canvas so I decided to make something happy for my bathroom for the winter season. I'll get in creative moods where I just need something relaxing to focus on-painting does this for me. I learned to love it when for a full week in high-school in a humanities class I had all we did was watercolor- I did a replica of Monets Waterlilly's
I lived to go to school that week.
When I'd get stressed in University- I'd go paint.
The best part about making your own art is when you look at it it makes you smile and you can change it whenever you want.
Making it a transformation piece-
or just paint it all white again and start on something new.

Still trying to figure out the dilemma of my pretty white tree
aka all my ornaments are glass
dosn't go too well with twin 2 year olds
{who have already knocked over the tree}
any ideas? full blown barricade?



  1. My in-laws put their tree in a playpen. That made me laugh....but it seems like a real option now. It is not really ideal, but it is an option... we have ours up on a table this year (not a big tree) but Jaymeson still gets into it frequently. Good luck!

    LOVE the painting. I honestly never could have the guts to do that. Maybe I will have to get some tips from you when I move to Calgary!

  2. LOVE IT! I was hoping you'd post pics of your new art since I've been too lazy to drive the whole what? 5 blocks to your house haha. I've been procrastinating making art for my bathroom... still not sure what I wanna do. And Nixon broke one of my ornaments on the fireplace today... not sure what to tell you lol!