Monday, November 23, 2009

My Holiday Urns

Before shot- my poor planters- these are cheap ones I spray painted 2 years ago- I'm hoping for mothers day I get some real black ones- we might need some spray paint retouching- but hey they've lasted a while! and only cost me 15 bucks for both :) gotta love that!

This is by far my favorite holiday tradition to date. I love the way fresh greens smell the way they look like a forest- the way they can instantly cheer up a house. And I find it so therapeutic to work with greenery. I first off sprayed my fresh greenery with a water bottle since it isnt quite frozen outside yet they still need to be misted- then I put the droopy stuff in- like cedar swags-then I put in some white pine-then accessorized! With curly willow and manzanita branches seed pods and willow balls. Some of the stuff on the inside came from a store called twisted goods- that I got last year in the north- I heard that south centre now has a twisted goods yay! Might have to go check out what's new. It's a great store! I highly recommend it if you like twiggy stuff. These also look gorgeous with red dogwood branches and ornaments/bells in them.


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