Sunday, November 15, 2009

OH TARGET HOW I LOVE THEE... gps how I hate thee

Oh road trips- gotta love them- 4 crazy canadians well 3 and one american- going over the border driving 6 hours to go to target- thats dedication- yes we each had our own cart-yes we all had hot coco's- yes brooke and I tried on dresses while still shopping so we'd have more time- and got stopped by security- HAAAA- we quickly explained we just wanted to take everything in and see as much as possible as quickly as possible. The hotel was awesome pool sauna hot-tub and it was so relaxing to sleep in..till 8 :)
Literally 4 hours at target- so many treasures- I've missed it so much - we also had some awesome mexican food!

The driving was a little crazy we trusted the gps-
not doing that again
It led us to the wrong border... that was closed-
down gravel roads and into a canyon with no side barriers-
we saw wild horses- 4 crazy dogs -
sang in the car-
payed duty-
went to antique stores-
got chocolate melted on buts-
drove in a snow storm-
laughed so hard-
didn't get home till like 2 am-
it was legendary-
might have to be a yearly tradition-
may I say these pictures of Ingred make me laugh so hard.

My major treasures... a 1940's pink felt hat EEEEKKKK! and a scalloped red cake stand!



  1. oh man look at those pics! Such a fun time! Such a crazy Trip... sooo Legendary!

  2. Haha- sounds like you girlies had quite a road trip!! Fun!!

  3. Oh what would we do without our GIRLS. The day after Christmas sales will always be my favorite. I'm glad your all safe and sound!

  4. Seriously looks like SO SO SO much fun. I love Ingrid! I've known her pretty much my whole life. So jealous. What a fun get-a-way!

  5. SO fun!!! I LOVE road trips & adventures, but mostly TARGET!!!! So much fun.