Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Girl Johnsons Name

So Brandon and I had a name picked out- but now we're{aka me is not so sure about it} Why do I always do this to myself. I'm wondering if it's too trendy- If she'll hate it when she gets older. And if this is our last one I feel mega pressure to get it right- and have it reflect who this girl will become. Names are important! And I want it to fit her.
So do you like Paris, Chloe or Sophia?
Chloe- I've always loved- It sounds chic to me and still a little french if we put an accent mark on it- and we'd love to call her coco for short.- But it dosn't have an r sound in it like me Brandon and the boys do. So does it fit?
Paris- is special to Brandon and I because we have some of the best memories of living our life there. He served there on his mission- and both of us have such a huge love for this place the people the culture. We also decided we wanted to have kids while we were there. And we bought an outfit for a girl- 4 years ago- then ended up having two boys. So it's a very sentimental name and I can picture a little dark haired girl all dressed in red.- But will she hate her own name? Did Paris Hilton ruin it for me?
Sophia reminds me also of a little french girl- which is what I wanted for the feel of her name- artsy yet sophisticated.- yet I'm worried it's too common.

Middle names
Rose we love- because it's french for pink!
I like sophia as a middle name and I also love felicity and paisley.
So How do we decide?

I Think I'm just frustrated that nothing seems to feel 100% done or ready- it's all like 50 %
I don't feel ready for her at all.
My House is a mess- I think were switching our kids rooms again- so accessories mirrors shutters curtains license plates unfinished furniture is everywhere- my house is dirty- despite how much I clean it feel like it wont ever be clean again.
{ yes my boys broke my soap dispenser which is glass - fell down the disposal- then they turned the water on it flooded my kitchen floors today- ahhhhh!}
Then they pulled their curtains down in their room- my dad secured those extra well- and they still are strong enough together to do things-
they opened our filing cabinet and got into all our sorted papers that are listed by date and alphabetically and ransacked the thing-
I love them soo much but some days they are sooo much work that I get frustrated with picking up their schmag. Its just one thing after the other.
All these projects and I'm too exhausted to do any of them- I miss my energy!
So hopefully I can start tackling my to do list- if the boys ever take a nap again.



  1. if you don t want to go straight for the name paris, my friends husband served in france in a town named Calvi, do something simular, find another french town to name her after

  2. Chloe is such a beautiful name! I think of all three names I can see you having a Chloe. Didn't you always say you wanted one? Marrying into a family where everyone had a name thing (all A's) You kind of feel left were lucky to be a B name in a B family hahah

    I think CoCo would be such a cute nicname...especially for a dark haired beauty like she is bound to be

    Sophia is also very beautiful! I taught a Sophia and she was a doll. You can also shorten it easily from Sophie to Sophe

    Those are two of my Dads favorite names actually...If he could have chosen he'd have a Chloe Sophi and Phoebe

    I'm sure whatever you chose she'll be a beauty!

  3. Oh man, I'm So sorry that you're having a rough go right now. That might be why you're second guessing yourself too. I know that emotional craziness that comes when your energy is totally gone and your hormones are out the roof. Good luck. My personal favorite (hands down - by a long shot) is Chloe. If you've loved it since you were a little girl, it probably isn't just a trendy thing. It's been a classic for a long time. You could do something more trendy for a middle name and then they won't hate you for that, because they can just initial it if they don't like it. I would do Chloe Rose or Chloe Felicity. I have a thing with syllables. If the first name has 2 syllables, the second one should have 1 or 3. If it doesn't, it sounds too choppy. It's okay for boys, but for girls its WAY cuter to mix syllables...

  4. Im one of those people who still waffles over whether or not I like my OWN name.

    Unfortunatly to me, the name Paris only came out recently due to two people, Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson. So to me its sort of tainted. Which is not fun because I LOVE the name Paris. What about using it as a middle name?

    My fave is Chloe Sophia. Good luck, and remember you will always get opinions from people no matter WHAT you name her. Choose what feels right to you and Brandon.

  5. We couldn't decide for sure on Kyla's name. We had it down to 3 names we liked. But once she was born, we knew which name fit her best!

  6. I think paris sophia would be cute! But it's your baby and you may just have to wait to see her! Sorry about the boys being difficult! My girls are close enough in age that they really feed off of one another and get into some real trouble. I feel your pain. I am exhausted and not pregnant! C'est la vie! (is that spelled right?)

  7. I also wanted to say Bree-- no matter what people associate names with as soon as you have her, those close to you will start to associate that name with your baby.

    You really have to go with whatever feels right for you and don't worry about whatever anyone else thinks.

    You know me-- I like more of the classic names and thats why I love Hannah, thats why I love Harrison and Greyson--both very old fashioned/classy names that are timeless but at the same time they are trendy if that makes sense. I can see your little family full of these classy sophisticated artsy kids Harrison, Greyson, Chloe or Sophia but if this is your last one and you go with Paris and she is the only girl it might be special just for her.

    Do what you feel is right for YOUR baby and don't listen to anyone else! In the end they don't matter--only her :)

    Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures of little baby ?

  8. I know how you feel about the name thing:)
    I like Chloe Sophia too! I have mulled over the name Sophia also but I think if I have a girl I will have to stay with a Czech name.
    I think the same thing about Paris. It is such a pretty name, it is too bad it was tainted.
    I had a french teacher name Ginette, I like that one:)

  9. I think all of those names (both first and middle ones) sound fine to me. I know, I'm not much help. For us personally, Ben and I narrowed our names down to two, to see if they fit when Aaron was born, and neither fit. SO the third and last day in the hospital, we're throwing names around and since we could actually look at him, we were able to find a name that we both felt comfortable with. I know a lot of people like to have something picked out beforehand but I'd say just keep those names in your head and maybe wait to see what 'fits' once she's here? And I must say, I hope your boys take to napping soon! I know just one is a handful but two of them scheming together has got to be so crazy. Hope you get some energy back soon!

  10. I did the same thing with zanna! I loved the name when I heard it a few months into my pregnancy but then last minute I started having second thoughts so I started asking people what they thought of the few names we had picked... For me it was a big mistake... It just made me more confused... and now I know the people who don't like her name. If I would have just named her without asking their opinion they would just have to smile and pretend they love it!
    : )
    In the end, I went with the first name that I had picked.
    Although I want to tell you my opinion, I'm going to keep it to myself because I think you already know what you want to name her and we will all love her name because we will all LOVE HER!
    Good Luck!
    : )

  11. The thing about names is that every baby grows into whatever name you give them. If you love it, it is the right name no matter what anyone else thinks. The name of your child will not determine the kind of person she will be, it is your example and love that does that. We have an interesting view on names because of adoption ... if you ever want to know, just ask :-)

    I guess all I want to say is, don't worry about it too much. She will be your beautiful daughter and that is what actually matters. So excited to hear what you choose!

  12. I agree with Christy. In the matter what any one else's opinion is, you'll know what her name should be. It will fit her no matter what. Trendy or not. It will be her.
    She will beautiful, special. and loved no matter what her name is!! :)

  13. It is so hard to pick names. They are all beautiful. If you are looking for a name that is not popular though, I'd avoid Sophie or Sophia. In my girls' 2 ballet classes- there are FOUR Sophie(ias)!!!
    How about Valentina?! You are in the home stretch! Good luck!