Saturday, January 2, 2010

christmas adventures 2009

When I looked at my pictures from christmas I realized I only took about 10! the rest are on my moms and sisters cameras- so until I get those I'll write about the few I did have. My mom got Brandon and the boys new matching ties for christmas- I think all my boys look so handsome in red! I love the picture with my dad holding all the grandkids- think he can hold 4?- holy cow 4 in 2 years!
and lastly- Our fam loves games seriously we are big game people- so here we are playing risk- brandon and my dad are intense! I had so much fun having my family come up to visit me- I know it's a long trek up here but I'm greatful they didnt make me endure a car ride while pregnant- I get extremely car sick- and its 10 times worse when I'm pregnant- so thank you for making my holidays awesome-
We had great meals-game time movie time laughing time shopping in edmonton time-making cookies time- chinese food time-we eat chinese every christmas eve in honor of the christmas story. Also we shop the day after x mas sales- canadian boxing day sales. West edmonton malls pool was a blast to take my family too. It's huge and has the best wave pool and slides ever. My boys loved having so much attention- they'd knock on my parents room door every morning because they knew they were there it was so sweet. I loved hanging out with my sisters and miss them and girl time with them so badly-it was cute to see them play wth the boys -uncle david too- sure knows how to spin and throw them around- they loved it.

After my family left we hung out with Johnsons playing beetles rockband opened presents- also had chinese and spent new years at Brooke and Miks house- it was so fun just playing games and having a nice relaxing night. The boys even slept in brooke and miks bed- allowing us a couple hours of freedom to play- soo nice- it was a great way to start a new year. Followed by a great kiss from the johnson- its tradition don't laugh!


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