Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Etsy Shop/Giveaway

So it bothered me that I had a bunch of categories in my shop so I decided to open one with just stuff for kids and leave the other one as my home decor one. I have a couple projects I need to finish to add to my home one- reupholstered chair-old shutters painted-old window pain we found at the junkyard ect-But anyways heres the link to the new baby shop minimodernist- blankets- baby headbands -more onesies-ties and tu-tus are coming as well. I think I'm in baby mode no?.
I need to retake some pictures but havn't quite figured out how to make them really bright and professional looking- any tips fellow etsy people?

And for the new opening of my shop- I'm doing a giveaway- 3 free baby girl headbands! The headbands have interchangeable flowers-so its like getting a bunch!
What do you have to do?
Just leave a comment saying which one you like- or update your facebook status with a link to this blog post. then let me know you did.
Remember to leave your info so I know how to get a hold of you!
Giveaway ends this Wednesday!



  1. Oh my gosh do I have to chose just one? Or Three? Gosh they are all so cute! Hannah would look just gorgeous in them with all her hair! I would say the hot pink Gerber would be really cute and the burnt orange and of course my favorite color on Hannah the Lavender crochet and White Gerber.

    I'm also updating my FB status!

  2. Love, love, love your baby stuff that you're selling. The flowers are so cute...I have never been able to find a brown flower anywhere. I LOVE it!!! I also love your hot pink one. Very cute! I'm excited to see your house stuff. Let me know when you get stuff up on your site.
    I've also updated my facebook status.

  3. I LOVE flower headbands! My absolute favourite is the hot pink Rannaculous flower. Way too cute!!

  4. I am in baby mode finally too. It was hard to be in the mode when I was so sick. Looking at your new shop really gets in the baby mood. I don't know how you do all this. I quit blogging all together because I just couldn't keep up. I am a total wimp.

  5. Fun! Steve would kill me for entering this giveaway- he can't stand huge flowers on baby's heads and even has "size restrictions". I like the pink rose, it doesn't look too huge and could even pass the tight size restrictions at our house :P Glad you're feeling good!

  6. Sorry, it's a pink rannunculus- however it's spelled!

  7. Bree you amaze me with how much you are doing. You are crazy, girl! As far as photos, for natural light I set up by our sliding back door, open our back door (very quickly! lol it's cold) and I open it because the pane filter the light in a blueish way, and I have my camera settings on manual but so long as your camera is on a day light setting, the lighting should come out right. For indoor, take-at-night pics I use a light box. Here's a link and there's tons more online. Good luck!

  8. We like the hot pink rannaculous! Very cute and well done Bree. You're amazing.