Tuesday, March 23, 2010

24th birthday!

First off I apologize for these pictures- the flash wasn't quite working right- But anyways I had a wonderful birthday. My friends surprised me -and took me out to lunch. They have the pictures- because I forgot to take some on mine.
Have I mentioned latley that I have amazingly fun friends whom I adore. I'm so glad We moved to Cranston when we did. I was worried nothing would be as great as Midnapore. Because I have some amazing memories there also.
Later that night Brandon took me on a date I've been beegging him to do with me forever- a true canadian experience- 5 pin bowling.- only 5 pins and smaller bowling balls. The middle pin is worth 5 the middles 3 and oters are 2 points each. It's harder than it looks- but lots of fun! I came home to a clean house- I love when debbie comes and cleans for me- I don't ever ask and she just comes- seriously like the fairy godmother. I was especially greatful because right before we left the boys had gotten into the pantry found a huge container of sprinkles dumped them on the floor then sprayed the ground with their juice cups- sprinkles with juice on hardwood do not mix. Also thanks to Brooke who watched my boys while debbie was cleaning so I could have a nice night out with Brandon
It's ironic that on the day I was born 24 years ago--my mom was bowling and it put hr into labour. And yes who says you can't wear a ruffly skirt bowling- although the shoes did look a little dorky. It was a blast- and only having chloe with us made us feel a little like wow this is what one baby would've been like. So much easier! She liked the lights in there we think.- Whats with our kids and lights?


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  1. cute date! And I'm glad you had a good birthday! funny... I grew up only 5 pin bowling and when I moved out east and went 10 pin I felt like fred flinstone!