Monday, April 12, 2010

My Grandparents House

My grandparents house has a special special place in my heart. I spent a lot of great quality time with them as a little girl and their house reminds me of being a kid and what happiness is all about. It also reminds me of the biggest feeling of love. The last time I was there was last year and as I walked in the house the smell overwhelmed me. It smelled like my grandma- it still does even though she's been gone for about 8 years now. I love their house for all it's little quirks and how they remind me of my grandparents for example....
This is my grandmas table lamp right by her bed- she used to hang necklaces on it because she like how the light made them look beautiful. They still hang there to this day. I think she had a way of seeing beauty that few rarely ever have.
My grandparents kitchen is a special place also. My grandpa used to make me and my 3 sisters the most amazing meals. And if we all wanted something different he'd spend hours making us what we each wanted. I remember dipping chocolates with my grandpa and peeling carrots for tampura dinner- which we had basically almost every sunday after church when we'd come visit.
This is a picture of my grandma- I love her jett black hair and ruby lips. Did you also know she was an exotic dancer at one point in her life! I KNOW HOW CRAZY FUN!
these keys always line up by their front door- I have no idea what they go too- and why they have so many sets of keys but one day I'd love to make a necklace out of some.
My grandmas pretty eyelet curtains still hang there- I think thats where my love of eyelet fabric came from.
another picture of my grandma- shes beyond beautiful- my grandpa in the background setting their huge table- that was always full of dinner guests. See that chandalier...does it look familiar?
My grandma had a love for making her get together out of the ordinary- always had fine china and cutlery- goblets of crystal and spoons with jewels in them that only the grandaughters got to eat off of. I remember making centerpieces with her and absolutely loving that I made the table pretty.
On my grandparents shelves are jars and jars of change. Growing up in the great depression they saved every penny. Whenever I see a jar of change this is what I think of.
This is the chandalier that inspired my company logo. My love for decorating tables and being a hostess came from an early age-starting at my grandparents parties. This was always the focal point of the room and it just speaks so much to me. amazing what some simple things will bring back to your mind eh?
thanks to my sister acacia who took these gorgeous photos-heres her blog if your interested. She's a great writer.


  1. Oh I love this post! So touching and those photos are wonderful! Props to Cacia!

  2. I love this post also. It is very real and honest and you can tell that you love them, and your treasured memories.