Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A grasp on humility

I love my little girl-It's so fun to dress her up. I love making headbands to match her outfits- Once I started doing them for her I got the idea to do necklaces and it's kind've been my new fav creative thing lately. I decided to put them in my etsy shop and was shocked at the response I got. I mostly started etsy for an outlet and to trade stuff with other creative people. But in the last week since I opened my new shop and started branding my product. I really can't believe how fun it's been for me the past week knowing my creations are being worn by people all over the globe. And that people actually like them.

It's been good for me this little creative outlet

Especially since MOD has been on the backburner since Chloe was born and because school has been very stressful. Sometimes I get so discouraged feeling like I'm never going to finish. I get sad because I had to wait 2 years for my permanent resident card and they wouldn't let me finish school up here until I had it.
And by the time I had it I was ready to start having my kiddos.

It would've been a lot easier to finish before in those two years I was in Canada just waiting. I love them so much and I know it was the right timing for me and Brandon- it's just some days I really miss living in Rexburg and going to school all day. Knowing that If I'd stayed there I'd be done. Brandons Job oppertunity's were so much better here
and thats why we moved right after he graduated.

It's especially hard watching my sisters go to school and watching them graduate first. I'm very happy for them but sometimes it makes me feel like I was a slacker or something. While I'm doing everything online and it's taking forever because I only do 2 classes at a time. I miss the feeling of going onto campus every day. I loved actually being in class.

I've come to realize the past year that it's a matter of humility for me- something I really needed to learn and it's teaching me that I'm not going to be first-
to graduate to get a job ect in my family -which was very hard for me to finally grasp.
I realized I needed to be humble and do what the Lord wanted me to do.
I needed to be proud of my sisters and of everyone else in my Brandons family.

Even though I'm doing school a different way and on my own time line. It is ok.
It bothered me so much and through many prayers and support from Brandon I know that my little ones are so precious and they need me right now. And that being a mom to them is special and the most important thing I can be doing right now.
My Father in Heaven is proud that I decided to serve them.
And He will help me with my goals.
I just need to be patient and remember that it's what he wants for me
not what I want for me.
I need to let his will happen.

Just something I needed to get out.
Didn't mean to damper anyones spirits.
But I do want my kids to know the things I think about and am going through
so maybe it will help them someday and help me realize things about myself
in this growing process we call life.

I know I moved to Canada for reasons beyond what I can comprehend. I've had confirmation on several occasions that I was supposed to be where I was for certain reasons-
A big reason was being in young Womens in Midnapore Ward.
Those girls touched me so much and I feel honored to have been so close to them.
They will forever be some of my closest friends. So there you go my random thoughts and feelings. Heres to hoping I can get through school in one piece.
And when it does finally happen even if it's 8 years from now we are celebrating like crazy!



  1. How this could dampen spirits is beyond me...what a story of perseverance, hard work, and faith. You are an amazing woman who had faced challenges unique to you and have come out on top! You have a darling, busy, family and are doing more at one time than most people ever think about doing :) Keep it up and know that friends are praying for you and Heavenly Father is watching over you.

  2. Love it! I know we talk about this all the time, but it's something I needed to hear! It makes me want to rethink the way I do some things and eat a piece of humble pie myself. Thanks Bree!