Saturday, July 10, 2010

This saved me last week

In the community where I live they opened up a new splash park so basically if you live there you pay resident fees and you get to enjoy a clubhouse and its special amenities. Cranston just built a splash park- that has a playground right next to it and an ice rink and tennis courts. But the best part its all fenced in! YAY whoever thought of that must have been a mom with small kids. So Basically I can take all 3 and go and let them run without worrying that they are going out to the street, drowning in the lake and just enjoy the sunshine. Something that before this was very hard to attain. Especially having coco now. I know it might seem small but this splash park is a huge blessing in my life. I feel like my kids are having fun- and its something I can do alone with them. Without having to rely on others being with me. Which is like a breath of fresh air to just get out of my house for more than an hour. I've already been 5 times. Soo if anyone wants to come and they don't live in Cranston call me I'll get you in- cause basically Im living there this summer.


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  1. I'll take you up on that offer. Seriously, going to the lake is such a headache, I am a much bigger fan of fenced in spray parks!