Friday, August 13, 2010

a funny Greyson story

So a security salesman rang our doorbell. Greyson immediately jumps up yells "papa!" (grandpa and/or grandma) and runs downstairs.

Now if we were smart parents we would teach him the difference between a salesman's doorbell ring and grandma's doorbell ring. That would be the Johnson secret ring aka ring it until they answer.

So the guy is giving his speech and Bree is too nice to cut him off and close the door. I can hear what's going on from the bonus room and went to the top of the stairs and tried to encourage Greyson to come back up. But apparently this salesman was giving off a bad vibe. Greyson took matters into his own hands.

Poor guy Greyson isn't tall enough to bean him in the nose. Nor is he tall enough to hit him in the chest. 

You're right he's the perfect height for a shot directly in the groin. He didn't see it coming. Greyson is stronger that he looks.  Bree just barely could contain the laughter. The salesman's reaction: "ugggg buddy, ugggg." Bree apologized and Greyson tried closing the door on this poor unfortunate soul.

So lesson to potential salespeople to our house... it may look inviting and that we don't have a security system but ours is fool proof. If you're not grandpa or grandma or Jett, Greyson wont let you in.

As you hobbled off down the sidewalk, we laughed at your expense pool salesman dude. So wherever you are remember, we have a great story out of your pain. Too bad our security has already been taken care of.


  1. Awesome. Story. Truly.

  2. That is the funniest storty, ever!!! Poor, poor guy!

  3. ok, we CANNOT stop laughing over here.