Friday, September 24, 2010

Pearl Harbor



We're kindve people who love history. Brandon always looks up things on wikipedia just for fun to learn new things about world events I remember when we were dating and he said to me if our kids ever have questions i want to go research their questions with them. I loved that about him.

 I especially loved and enjoyed all my humanities and american history/european classes in high-school and university and don't get me started on how I swoon over art history. 

 I fully admit I'm a nerdy girl. 

So museums are right up my ally. I get very excited about going and learning new things.

 Pearl harbor also has a special place in my heart as I have family who died in the war. Im excited to go to heaven one day and hear all of their stories- also an inspiration to me to blog and write about my life how i feel and think my love for things. I wish I had more of that about my family.

so anyways... onto the museum
You walk into the base and you can feel the heaviness- yet the hope. I loved watching the intro movie With all the old footage that looks like film of what led up to Pearl Harbors attack. We had to wait half an hour for a boat to come take us out to the uss arizona memorial- so I went into the bookstore and read a fascinating book showing historical footage of every day things during the war it was fascinating. 
Did you know Einstein was German? They denounced his citizenship- we(the us) took him in.. 
and who helped develop the atomic bomb to end war with the axis?  I never new that.

 So we board a boat  brandon and I got separated :( so i took pics of him without him knowing he he

and we start to head over to the Uss arizona- as we approach I can see footage of the boat sticking out of the water. You could hear crying. It's probably still tender to a lot of older people and I could sense that. It was interesting to watch. We stepped off the boat and into the memorial. You could feel almost a heavy thickness. What I like to call the spirit. It amazed me that people were buried in this boat right below me. Oil still leaks from one of outlets- and you can see the oil film on top of the water. 

can you see the oil?

 submerged part of the ship

 notice the thrown leis onto the memorial- I thought that was very powerful and
 just showed what a neat place it is.

made me very grateful to have freedom
 reminded me of what's important to me
 and was just a very humbling experience that I'll never forget
If you get the chance to go to hawaii- go see this I promise you wont leave disappointed.


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  1. Thanks for posting Bree!

    I am a nerd like you--Humanities/Art History with Keim was the best right?!

    I remember going to Ground Zero in New York last year...such a sacred experience, there and also Ellis Island. I can't describe--I just stood there bawling while Adam teased me--but thought of my dad coming to New York from Ireland as a young boy. I'm sure you felt the same spirit of our American Heritage and those who have gone before us at Pearl Harbor. I look forward to some day going there.