Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a total Gleek

sorry for the cheesy pictures...

I love watching glee...period... It makes me laugh makes me cry and most of all I think it reminds me about a great time in my life. I was fortunate enough to be part of a show choir all through Jr. High and Highschool- and Some of my favorite memories come from performing in Plays/Musicals and being in rainbow connections- yes thats what it was called no laughing/chamber choir. My junior and senior year of Highschool I had 5 performing classes every day. In college my major was musical theatre. That of course changed with age and figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up I still don't know yet- But there's still that part of me that loves and adores performing and misses it like crazy.

I miss singing gospel music..with people who also like it and appreciate how hard it is.
I miss choir robes- you know the super comfy ones
I miss singing songs with 8 parts
I miss picking out the alto line in every song I heard on the radio
I miss laying on the floor in the commons ( because it has amazing acoustics )of my highschool and singing with chamber choir while everyone else was in there boring classes.
I miss playing handbells at christmas time
I miss madrigal songs
I miss teaching 4 year olds how to tap learn their ballet positions and funk out to jazz
I miss singing tons of songs from the 60's and Ballroom dancing in almost every number Really I loved being in Rainbow sometimes I wonder what my teenage life would've been like without it.
I miss choreographing character numbers
I miss auditions the total energy high
I miss 8 hour dress rehearsals until you got it right.
I miss opening nights
I miss closing nights
I miss stage makeup
I miss morphing into a character
I miss dressing up
I miss going to the dance studio when I was frustrated or worried shutting off all the lights and dancing till I was so exhausted I couldn't breathe. That feeling people of loud music where your body just moves to each little piece of rhythm mixed with creativity. Oh man somedays I'd give anything for keys to the studio again. 

I guess not many people know this about me. I almost became someone different when I went to college. I guess it was a time of reinventing myself trying new things. Finally not being the smart nerdy girl. I was the fun girl. And after a while I've found I miss that part of my life. So many times I'll be in the car alone driving home from sobeys singing at the top of my lungs pretending I'm on a stage again -or I'll listen to a song and think of the costumes and choreography I'd use in my head. A big part of me wants to teach dance again. So there you go my random thoughts for the day. Can we please have a roadshow in our ward- that would be awesome!
so if anyone else is a closet gleek too and wants to watch musiclas with me I have a stash of favorites including thoroughly modern millie, annie and guys and dolls.



  1. I miss musical theater too, like crazy sometimes, so I understand. And um, this secret stash of musicals, I am always available- unless Steve's away in which case, my house is always available :)

  2. So many memories and such great times have just surfaced in my mind! The top of the list would surely be chamber, musicals, and rainbow...what good times. Oh how I miss wearing outrageous dresses and singing and dancing- remember Sisters? So much fun and I'm so glad we got to share so many of those great moments together (although I always wished (and still do) that I could be blessed with your incredible talent). Hopefully there will be more of them to come in our futures :)

  3. Nana i loved being in plays and choir and rainbow with my big sister like oliver and bye bye birdie you were always in character.and we have such great memories to look back at. I loved singing all over with you sometimes i want to sing the star spangled banner with you again it has been so long . We touched so many people when we would sing in church. the play i loved seeing you in the most was crazy for you i was so proud of you and proud to be your little sister.

  4. I am right there with you Bree!! I am a total Gleek. My husband makes fun of me, but I don't care. It is so fun to remember all of the good times we had with Rainbow. I totally made those choir hoddies!! My young women girls make me sing every time that I wear it. Good times!!!

  5. How strange this is to me that so many people don't know this about you! To me, it almost defines the time of life I spent with you, even driving to and from rexburg in your little red car with a barrage of wonderful music to blast and sing to.

    I wonder, (a little off subject) what you have thought about the last two episodes of Glee. I love Glee too, I've watched season 1 three times lol. I didn't like the whole lesbian thing--mostly because I love Kirk and I think his storyline is so sad and they tackle the gay in high school issue so well, then they throw out the cheerleaders and make it seem like no big deal. Anyway, Glee is awesome. choir was awesome, the musicals were awesome. YOU ARE AWESOME!

  6. Oh Rainbow, reading the other comments made me cry a little. Good times and so many good memories! That really was such a fun time of life. I remember watching you sing "diamonds are a girls best friend" and thinking how cute you were and wishing I looked like you, and could sing and dance like you. Remember those horrible green velvet dresses! I don't think any of our twiggy Jr. High school girl figures were flattered by them.
    One of my favorite high school memories is when we slept over at your house and then woke up at the crack of dawn and "heart-a-tacked" Mr. Woods House, and then went to Village Inn for breakfast. I was so tired from staying up so late and laughing too hard!
    It is strange to me to think how choir, acting, and show choirs have kind of slipped out of my life when college started. I am so grateful that I still have the the memories, photos, and most importantly the relationships that came from this wonderful time of life.