Friday, December 31, 2010

best moments of 2010

some of my best moments this year have been with this little bundle of happiness.. she is the best baby anyone could ask for smilie...quiet...quirky... I just love her little personality
 visits to utah and watching the boys discovering things
watching them learn to climb and jump and being greatful they can
their 2nd birthday was super fun to plan and having berntsen grandparents made it even better
finishing the junkyrad chair with brooke was awesome-and our 4th of july party was super fun too.
a much needed trip with dear friends to arizona right after coco was born

hours and hours at the cranston splash park.. i lived there this summer and it was heaven...gated...didn't have to worry about drowning or kids getting away..i could actually sit and enjoy the sunshine
having brandons cousin josh come visit and take pictures.. that was such a fun day we did picture some our family some etsy stuff went to peteres then came back for night shots and there was a firework show we hadn't planned on.. one of my fav memories of this year
days were brandon would randomly take a day off and we'd go somewhere fun...
we loved this little trip to heritage park relaxing.. sunshine..just being together.. it was lovely
thanksgiving in utah.. going to see the lights on temple square was my fav was peaceful reminded me of being a kid and my kids loved the lights
going to anthropologies opening..and them saying oh your one of the bloggers!...
I 'm kindve starting to realize who I am.. that was such a fun night and the day of shopping with brooke and crystal was just very cool
keshias 25th birthday... hilarious and so fun...carla and vanessa still crack me up when I look at these pictures..remembering v speeding around the track and poor carlas tailbone! everyone dressed up...thats was awesome too. no party poopers
long summer nights at johnsons house swimming in the lake playing with the wagon and jett..going to the playground. I love to be there. It's so relaxing and I just feel love when I'm there
having my etsy shop really take off has been a delight I really started it as just an extra source of income to start mod..but it's become my big company and something I really enjoy..just creating things to wear. I really do love fashion
working on my house is a joy of mine and I've loved watching it transform this year as I've redone pieces and painted and sewn.. these pictures we did with wendy and tyler from blue lily is also one of my fav memories -the shoot was so fun and I really enjoyed meeting them finally. 
And can now say we're good friends!
endless bike rides and palm tree park trips to get the kids tired
and our trip to hawaii.. a much needed much enjoyed restoration trip for both of us. Very grateful I was able to spend some one on one time just playing again with my best friend.

we had a wonderful year...
I'm excited for new memories
more learning experiences
I know this new year will bring some changes challenges highs and lows
But I also know we have each other we're surrounded by wonderful family and Friends and most importantly we have a father in heaven who loves us.
So grateful for the blessings we have.
Happy new Year to everyone
-Brandon and Bree


  1. Beautiful post bree. Happy New Year!!

  2. It's amazing how quickly a year can fly by. Looks like it was a great year. Hope 2011 is just as amazing.

  3. Love the post Bree. You are a very talented, and sweet person, and deserve the best! I hope 2011 will be just as amazing for you and your family!!!

  4. This was a cute post Bree!! Loved it and the moments you shared with us. Happy Etsy has taken off for you cause I know how you love to create! You are one talented woman. Miss seeing you. Happy New Year!!

  5. Just found your blog and am now your newest follower, I also have a new blog so please visit sometime and maybe you too can follow me and i'll send some inspiration your way. Have a great weekxx