Sunday, December 19, 2010

my favorite tv shows

1. Modern family- this show makes me pee my pants with laughter- favorite episode is when they go to coscto..Really if you have never seen this please go watch it its heart warming and will leave you 
feeling happy
2. Survivor- I love that this show makes you think and I'm always shocked at what happens sometimes. I've watched it since season 1

3 The amazing race If brandon and I didn't have kids right now we'd totally apply for this show.. we think we'd kick trash.. i can convince people to do things- were both kind of dare devils-and brandon has a gps in his head and speaks another language- really id love to do this

4. bones-I love the quirky relationships that are in this show- I like that its a good mystery but focuses on the characters as well.

5. americas next top model- I'd loveeee to be the creative director on these shoots- sooo cool- I love how creative it gets
6. cake boss- I love the family feel to this show- makes me wish I was part of a huge family
7. sarahs house- her taste is stunning i learn a lot from watching her

8. Big bang theory- Im a nerd so is brandon enough said I love amy farrah fowler shes a hoot
9. How I met your mother- I love the lessons i take away from this show- they always seem to make me think and they make melaugh - I love that robins canadian and its fun to see the america vs canada in this show
10. Nate Berkus show.. he's all about diy and upcycling and antiques and junkyards... after my own heart he lieks making things pretty again too
and I can't believe how many diy bloggers he's also had on the show
...pretty stellar and awesome...

oh and glee how could i forget glee!!!



  1. Im shocked Glee didnt make the list.

  2. My ultimate dream is to be on Survivor! Love it too:)
    Bing Bang Theory is also too funny, I think only a true nerd can understand those jokes... lol

  3. trevor and i LOVE modern family and glee too!! we're always cracking up at every single episode of modern family! soo good!