Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What we're working on

So before we can get all the special people into our house to work with Harrison it has to go through a govt process saying we are eligible.. and basically we have to wait until september...well this mom will go nuts waiting so we decided to 
structure structure structure our day
we wake up have breakfast do art time
then bath time
then puzzle time then music then lunch ect.. 

It helps harrison learn to focus and know what comes next. And we've been working on sounds /letters

Letter a was yesterday..

 as I came upstairs to shower while they had puzzle time...they snuck downstairs with their markers from art time and drew on our guest bedroom sheets...

And you know what 

I was
{side note}
whoever invented washable markers thank you from the bottom of my heart


  1. Great attitude and outlook. I think the artwork looks lovely!

  2. Good for you! I think you'll reap great rewards from the structure. Way to be such a motivated momma. I love the take charge, I'm not gonna wait for life to tell me what to do attitude! You are- simply amazing!!!!