Tuesday, March 29, 2011

jumble up

My blogging has become bigger and more time consuming lately and I'm debating changing this blog to encompass all the design stuff/family stuff  ideas again Would you like if it was all in one place? I kind've think it's all my life.. why not have it all together...Sorry Brandon we might get girlie posts again.. So the blog is getting a makeover soon is there stuff you'd like to see? I've had a couple people ask me for a tour of my house and the paint colors I love to use.. is that totally lame?
 I'm excited to share the creative side again. all in one place cause it's a big part of me.
Should it get a new name or do you think it fits?
I might just print thus far and then start a new one...
ok so now you can shout me ideas
what do you love seeing on blogs???


1 comment:

  1. I think this one fits with the upcoming changes- it's your life and you are sharing the things that bring you bliss! I feel like a blog is whatever you want it to be, so change it until it's the way you want it to be and as often as you want :)