Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new chalkboard wall!

ok So Ive wanted a chalkboard wall in our house for a while.. I love the idea of writing messages to brandon every night.. and waking up to ones taht he writes back. I thought the kids would also love it.. They love to color. So I found this old frame loved the shape was perfect size for the picture I had blown up.. I took it into michaels and they custom fit some glass for me. I like the gold but wanted more color suprise eh? So I sanded the frame and painted it with seafoam from benjamin moore.  I also love canvas pictures of families.. but I find that If we get new pictures every year Id rather just pay for an enlargement. and change the color of the frame every year.

 Then I  painted my chalkboard wall! I love the doodling around the picture frame within a frame.  I also love that I can customize it for holidays or parties. We've already put it to great use and it's one of my favorite spot in the house.




  1. i am IN LOVE with this idea!!! so so cute!

  2. Totally LOVE IT!

    I would love to come this weekend, but unfortunatly we arent going anywhere for a while. Once hubs is ok on his own, we totally need a girls day....Royal Wedding anyone?

  3. cuuuuute! you're so creative, i love it!