Monday, March 14, 2011

My Purse

ok this was a little too much fun and maybe a little revealing I really needed to clean out my purse
But I think If a random stranger were to look at my purse they would figure out that

1- I love jewelry 2 pairs of earrings and necklaces in my purse.. all from etsy except the owl necklace which was form keshia
2-I have kids- diaper fruit snacks and juice box and socks
3- I mail lots of stuff- the bajillion customs form makes me look a little shady :) And I have lots of pens
4- I have great friends..I have a couple note cards in my purse from my friends
5- I love paris- my keychain has the eiffel tower on it
6- I love weddings.. my magazine...and business card
7- I'm a bit nostalgic.. I kept my byu-i alumni card.. never used it but hey it reminds me of great times so I keep it
8- I shop at anthropologie- my green anthro card was floating in my purse along with a receipt
9- I'm cheap- everything on those receipts were on sale
10- I like pink am girlie.. my mac lipglass is always in my purse along with my pink phone...
11-  they'd figure out I like cocorose coupon cards I send with each order are there in a bulk of 200
12- I go to the states frequently.. I have lots of us change floating around and a us stamp from hawaii I never got to use.. I was going to mail a postcard to keshia but wrote on the wrong part.. cause I'm lame and didn't know how to write a postcard- you'd think it would be fairly straightforward.. Brandon laughed at me I keep that stamp because it reminds me of him
13- a movie stub- We go to movies a's not that we don't love dates where we interact and talk because we do those a lot too but we truly do have a love for cinema.. the angles of cameras editing.. we'll watch a movie then go to dinner and discuss all the cool stuff we saw. So everyone else in the world might have the cliche saying of wow movies are boring.. but we love them...great escapes...
14- I have way to many cards in my wallet.. cause it won't close
15- I love bright colors.. This is my favorite purse.. in grass green- my mom bought it for me for my birthday last year .. the first ever designer bag I've had...It's Kate spade and I've admired her for was an amazing gift and I use it all the time. It stands up is lined so pretty. I adore this bag.
16- I keep a deck of cards in my purse.. just in case :) you always have entertainment.

Ok I challenge all people who read this to go take a picture of what's in your purse!


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