Monday, April 4, 2011

Is it sad?

That pinterest has been a healing tool for me.. it's theraputic when I just need to get in my creative zone and not worry anymore
cause lets face it I'm a worrier.
I'm learning to not care to much about the future and focus on the now but everyone once and a while I feel overwhelmed...and I need to create. All humans have the inate sense to create things.. It's kindve amazingly cool...Oh and I can't wait to get to heaven and make pink water and polka-dot grass.
sorry I'm random tonight..just whats on my mind.

Oh and I want glee to sing hey jude.
And I missed being in Chamber quire today
..Eleanor Rigby came on in the car and it reminded me of singing du du du du forever. I miss that.

So anyways if your still reading and not bored to tears..and you feel the need to feast upon creative wonderfulness  I suggest you check it out cause it's awesome and like a inspiration notebook to keep all the things you love that you find online all in one place for example two of my fav pins.....

heres a link to my pinterest boards.. I want to see yours now!



  1. I love Pinterest, but since I dont have a Facebook account anymore, it wont let me have a Pinterest one....BOOO.

  2. I love reading about the things that make you happy, you spred sunshine and make smiles grow with your cheeriness. PS I miss chamber too, I accompanied a solo ensamble group of girls this week and it made me think back to things like early morning rehearsals and state competitions- we were so amazing!