Monday, June 6, 2011

from junk to funk Calgary

steamer trunk in ne calgary..50 bucks..can totally see this as a toy box ina little boys room..I like that it has some patina and I want to know who it belonged too..whats been held inside it, I can also see painting it mustard yellow for a coffee table..yes there is paint that will stick to metal..take it to a autobody shop..they will usually repaint pieces like this for 30-40 bucks..and tape off the pretty stuff!
 queen anne chairs perfect for a girls room..Id even put these in my living room..I love just the hint of pink. And I bet you could get them to sell just one of them. CUTE
can you imagine this bad boy in se calgary painted white with some light stain distressing..
AHH HEAVEN And I bet you could talk them down on the price to about 100-150
 I love shopping kijiji because thats how you can make your house unique
and last but not least this lil beauty..great photoprop..And I just totally love its feel!

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