Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunshine yellow organic baby shower

First off let me start by saying that you don't need a theme for an event.. In fact I think it keeps it classier when you just go with a feeling or a color palette. So for my bffff I knew she loved the organic feeling to baby clothes. Which is brown...I also think yellow is big this I incorporated things about her..and an organic palette to do her shower
 this is water for people watching their weight with fresh lemon and mint
 here are some awesome favor bags from etsy shop 2 perfectiondecor
...with little intials of the  sweet babe atreyu.
 Inside i put yellow hair clips,pretty lemon water bottles..have you guys seen the decorated evian bottle they are adorable!... and a chocolate almond bar
 sorry for the picture quality my light got dashed with a rain storm..this was originally going to be outside under my pergola. candlestick holders rented from great events..the drinks are in mason jars with lids from hostess with the mostess's website. I used the circus font to print out an a...and for food we went with a banana split bar... because she craved that while she was pregnant...It's ok to just have one thing to eat.. instead of doing 20 things do one option and do it well... So I found these waffle bowls.. they fit perfectly with the raw textured feel I wanted

 I use these chalkboard labels on everything they come in super handy for parties
 these lids are perfect for straws..or to hold flowers
 welcome banner I like that is says welcome instead of the kids name.. that way you can use it again and again..on the invittaions I put welcome little trey so it tied in nicely
 peeps heres a trick.. dont buy flowers from the place at the front of the store in the coolers... go to the garden section.. they have whole plants you can dismantle and make 4 times as many arrangments.. when it's a flower all in the same color or type it can look very chic and modern...just pop the heads off of the plant and arrange in a tight ball form.
 inside the jars were organic blocks from little saplings on etsy.. they were also my gift to
 keshia for treys room
 utensil holders were paint chipstied with jute on top of the waffle bowl- plates from anthropologie.. they were on clearance for 3 bucks a plate..swoon
 this is my deck pergola originally it was going to be under these cute little lanterns with tea lights..but dang rain storm! so I stuck the extra flowers inside of them and some water so they kindve floated and people could see them out the window.. made for a whimsical touch..these are just regular mason jars with the centers popped out..i tied one piece of string to one side of the lid swung the string over tied to the other side of the lid.. then screwed the lid onto the jar
 write messages to trey.. then take his picture by the wall this picture frame was found at the junkyard by my house that I frequently visit finished with canary yellow paint from benjamin moore I love that I can repaint this frame for any occasion..any holiday if I want a different look and can then write a new phrase on my chalkboard wall.. I love this wall! And if you have kids they will also love it!
and because I'm crazy I take down anything in the room tat dosn't go with the color scheme.. I add pillows from other rooms in my house that are the right colors make quick art like this to hide things I don't want seen... like the tv :)


  1. WOW Bree! It is all so lovely! You rock. PS I'm throwing a combined baby shower in august for 3 of my girlfriends who are all having girls. I'd love any tips or ideas you can share! Email me!

  2. STUNNING! The yellow and white is so elegant, yet very unassuming at the same time. I love it!