Friday, September 16, 2011

do you ever feel...

Like a plastic bag drifting through the wind ready to start again...

Katy Perry's firework has kindve been my theme song this inspires me daily for so many reasons...I feel latley that I need to turn the page on a big part of my life.. I feel that way strongly lately... Like there's something about to happen... I feel like letting go of etsy.. maybe I've just been too busy to think... funny how you want to be successful and when you get there.. your exhausted.. I realized that I'm missing quiet moments.. I  take time for my kids..I stop everything I'm doing to play with them..but that leaves me no free time... and I'd be a whole lot nicer around bed time because I wouldn't be stressing about getting orders done... I want the time to sit and read a good book.. the time to lay on my trampoline in the morning and just breathe in the crisp air...tie to take better care of my body.. the time to cook new things and watercolor... but I feel like I can't because my world is so packed with day to day stuff... so I prayed for guidance..

I recently went to church..and during what we call sacrament meeting this woman gave a talk about asking for an increased dose of the spirit in our daily lives... I happened to only be with chloe that sunday as we were in Idaho.. and I was tempted not to go to church.. I was "on vacation"  well let me tell you if you want an answer to prayers..its usually going to happen on that day you don't really want to go to church... Satan is trying to put things in your way so you don't get the inspiration you need.. well I"m very glad I decided to  I could actually listen.. which is hard to do some days with all 3 of them ..anyways

 I'm so glad I was there that day.. I needed to be there..she told everyone to ask for small promptings..needless to say I went home got on my knees and asked.. something I'd never thought of to ask before...and I have felt him so much closer latley and I think he's telling me to slow down..I've also had more promptings for stupid things like move that off the table of chloe is going to spill that on your headbands... sure enough she spilled her juice.. and I moved the headbands...check to make sure the gate is closed in the back yard.. I went back and it was not all the way latched...crazy how simply asking for the spirit can impact your life so much.... I think it made me realize he cares about my daily stress level and is aware of me...and wants to help my life be simpler...

so  my etsy shop is in lou..part of me is sad it was so much work to get my shop where it finally is...but I'm tired.. and it's getting to be more than a one woman job. and I've been promted to slow it down... so what do i do..keep etsy but limit it to pieces I already have made.. do I put it on hold for a while and let my sister take over?


  1. I know what you mean about those messages at church that we sometimes miss! Agh! So been there. I think balance is so important in life, and if you need to focus more on family and getting yourself more relaxed, a break from the non-essential things is great. It sounds like you're lucky, if your sister is willing and able to take over for you then give her that chance. There's nothing to hurt in trying that out. People who know you and your product and love it will always be there when you get back- probably waiting with all sorts of anticipation to see what you're going to create next!

  2. I'm so proud of you! You're such an amazing person and you just keep growing more awesome :) I love you. Whatever you choose I think you're right big things are around the corner.