Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a glamping we will go

For family pictures this year I wanted something that represented where our family is at at this time in life..and every time I thought about a scene.. story time before bed came to mind and  I discovered this thing called glamping which totally makes me laugh because I love being outside and my parents LOVE TO not so much.. I love fresh air I love stars and smores.. and running through fields but the packing, fishing, hiking,dirt,bugs ..not really my thing. 
so glamping just made me laugh and I knew I had to do it.

It was fun to see wendy and tyler { blue lily photography }again for our pictures I always know our session will be fun and high energy... luckily our photos turned out amazing despite their camera literally breaking 5 minutes before our pictures..the thunderstorm and the bajillion mosquitos...

I feel like their work isn't just family pictures it's true art..and my pictures always mean so much to me. If you want amazing pictures I recommend them so much.And they travel to your city.. so go now and check out their blog.. I promise you you'll be hooked.

 Seeing these happy pictures of my kids each day reminds me of what's important. Taking a moment to read my kids a story. thanks again my fab nomadic friends.
 And hug them and hold them as much as I can before they get big ;(
 no more growing guys!