Sunday, September 11, 2011

mequettes wedding day

mequettes wedding was a blast and I had a great time helping my sister with it...
and just being with my family
her colors were mustard grey white and black
 coco waiting for pictures
 bride and groom coming out of the logan utah temple- is her dress not divine! it's an altered maggie soterro..same brand as my wedding dress...she designed the sleeve to keep the ruffle coming up..I love that its so different...she looks beautiful!
 coco and sister acacia made this enamel bouquet by hand...the even cooler part each of those pieces were pieces of jewelry from each of her sisters grandmothers aunts friends from their wedding days...see the little spriggy one near her hand that was in my wedding bouquet.
 my pretty flower girl waiting for her aunt
 me my dad and coco
 close ups of her bouquet and dress cacia is strting to make enamel bouquets so if you want her info let me know..also look on her etsy shop...roses and ribbons

 me and my sister acacia..we looklike twins I know!
 aww sister hugs
 cacia lookin beautiful... I made the veils
 my dad and my niece evia watching the dancing and the program- brandon made a video for ketty cause he couldn't come...I'll post it later dresses from faithwork4u my fav etsy dress designer for girls
 all the guys had metal boutonni√®res...LOVED IT!- also made by my sister
I loved working with this venue..the riverwoods in logan utah..iits amazing! have your reception there if you live in logan! Their selection was amazing loved the chairs the linens..and I think we were able to blend my sisters love of country style but still make it classy

 the girls dancing with grammy and grampy
 cocktail tables with their engagement pictures
overlooking the just happened to be the same day as mitt romney was having a conference in this exact venue so we had security guards everywhere making sure they were really here for our wedding it was and cacia snuck in....:)

and my favorite part...the photo booth!!! yellow box in the background...- it kept guests entertained....made people laugh..basically was just awesome
 cutting their cake- stems cut for the centers cool eh..mequette hates cakes with fondant...I kind've agree they don't taste that great and for a girl who loves her food she wanted a really good chocolate cake..this my friends was delectable best wedding cake I've ever had. I loved the pictures behind them of them dating stretched all along the huge fence.ketty you owe me for making walmart give me those pictures!  I'm sorry but her great granparents who are dead dont have a print release on their wedding picture from 100 years ago and the person who took it is prob give me my dang pictures!!!! she also had a table with pictures of our grandma/grandpas mom and dads when they got married..kindve tied the vintage feeling in...that was my other favorite part...and a cool way to honor your heritage.

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