Saturday, September 24, 2011

my best friend

I just wanted to brandon how much I adore him tonight as cheesy as it may sound  I don't care and I go by the theory of better tell it now than never tell it ....really I don't think there is or will ever be a better fit for me...he's intellectually stimulating...I enjoy figuring out his mind.  our in depth conversations about life on long road trips and on our weekly dates..His quirky sense of humor kills me -like makes me die on the floor laughing... still even after 7 years..hes handsome he's patient, and he's gotten me through a tough year ,he's been my rock and strength to lean on to vent to, to hold me to tell me that everything is going to be great, and while doing all that has been such a teacher to me. I don't know if he realizes how I watch what he reacts too.  How he handles situations. But I do watch and he is always full of dignity hard work ethic,determination, and strength. I'm glad we're a team...And I'm so greatful he's so giving and has such a huge heart. I hope he knows That I adore everything about him.

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