Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 days of service

I've always loved countdowns to christmas.. But this year I've had a harder time getting into the spirit.I saw this idea via this blog- she did it with her kids for her 35th birthday. I also remembered back 2 years ago during christmas when we were in Ikea and some random person walked up to us with a 200 dollar gift card and said someone did this to us when we were shopping at ikea last year and we thought wed do the same and you guys look like you've got your hands full( pushing our newborn twins- we probably looked exhausted- I was probably wearing sweats no makeup).. I guess this is my time to pass the goodness along. So this year my advent calendar  is do to something christlike( serve someone everyday until christmas). . I might do a couple of her ideas and maybe try a couple of my own. But I think it will help me feel festive and feel that joy the season really has to offer. I think it's also a great way to show your kids the true meaning of christmas and how to give of themselves selflessly so the countdown begins...any great ideas peeps?

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