Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my Halloween decor for under 15 bucks

First I must apologize for the lighting in these-my good camera's batteries were dead..thus bluriness and shadows..but anyways I wanted a more clean look for halloween this year- something I could transition into american thanksgiving..  since ill prob use the gourds as place settings for my thanksgiving table.
Since I'm american and brandon is half... we do american and canadian thanksgiving!

so I whipped out my christmas stuff-I had glad vases and candelabras- I filled the jars with spray painted gourds and pumpkins spray painted that twig pumpkin which was at a thrift store for 50 cents- and used my owl cookie jar from my kitchen to hold my halloween candy. the empty frame I eventually put in this adorable print I got off etsy..that said trick or treat

 the rest of my pumpkins I spraypainted in gold silver and white- the big ones are fake- I like being able to reuse ones for decorative purposes- I found a rhinestone cobweb sticker for a couple bucks at the dollar store and put in on a pumpkin-- some i sprinkled in glitter for some texture.

 the lanterns are from my summertime decor from pier 1- so I just whipped them out of the basement along with one of the boys play chairs( downeast) from their room- took off a pillow from my couch(etsy) in a neutral and I had this cute little sitting area on my porch.
this twig wreath you can get at any farmers market mine was about 6 bucks- I spray painted it silver-- because then i can also use it for christmas-- the suction cup spiders were at the dollar store- I love Halloween time! It's amazing what some spray paint will do!