Monday, November 21, 2011

my mint julep lemonade recipe

So I've made this for recipe for years at parties and I get asked about it often so I thought I'd put it on here for anyone who wants to try it- this will fill a large punch bowl.
2 cans of  frozen lemonade concentrate
1 bottle of diet ginger-ale- {reg works too but I find diet better not too sweet}
4 tbs lemon juice- IMPORTANT
1 bushel of mint leaves
6 large lemons
squish 3 into mix-slice the other 3 and float them
6 cups of water- more or less to taste
4 bottles of nestle  flavored lemon water or other flavored lemon water- not sparkling( this is a key ingredient)

combine all into a bunch bowl and stir- its best to let the mint float in the punch for at least half an hour before you serve so the taste soaks into the juice-
serve in mason jars for summer or rimmed goblets rimmed in sugar for holidays

You can also add food coloring/raspberries to make it for any time of year- I've done a couple red drops for christmas and valentines.

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