Monday, November 7, 2011

toys r us experience

I had to share my experience today .. while the boys were at preschool I took coco shopping for x mas presents for her brothers.. we get to the checkout and the lady dosn't look me in the eye....then coco coughs...and the lady whips out a mask... she says I cant get sick germs ..all over.. I was sick all last year and on oct 23d last year for two weeks I cant get the old me wouldve said ok weird and silently hoped taht she move quicker....but me after having harrison went.. hey I bet she has awesome is it that shes workinng here ect.. so I talk her up and wish her a happy season...some other things I say sometimes to harrison that I know he thrives on.. tell her she has a great memory ect.. chat about what she interested in.....there was no one behond me so I just kept talking...she eventually gave me eye contact ..and said thanks for being kind.. I have aspergers and sometimes its hard to talk but you like memory too.. I told her it was a delight to meet her...and we went on our way...just goes to show... you don't always know whats going one with someone...thanks harrison for so opening my world. and allowing me to meet some amazing people that otherwise I mightve been to closed off to experience.

...and for your other viewing pleasure-- greyson and I playing on the computer screen photo taker at grandmas.. its one of his favorite things to do and i love watching him laught at himself.


  1. and Harrison was having a great time pushing the button to take the picture. I was impressed he could figure that out.

  2. You are amazing for how you can look at the world and make a difference, not only in your own family, but in the lives of those around you!

  3. What a beautiful experience for you Bree, thanks for sharing!

    Divine Ms. M