Wednesday, December 21, 2011

service day 20

Went to get jugo juice- out christmas shopping again tons of people in the mall- the girl just looked like shed had a long day exhausted tons of people- they had a tip jar.. she was the only one working and it looked like she'd have to close by herself{which why do they have those at a place thats not a sit down restaurant}- I do not know..anyways I felt bad so I dropped in a 20.00...I'd made from selling a couple headbands ealrier that day to someone local. leaving money in tip jars is something i'd never ever do unless like I said we are at a sit downplace..but this girl just looked like she had a rough day..she saw me drop it in started to cry and said thank you,my parents lost there job and I'm helping by taking this job-this will help get them some small presents for christmas. I smiled walked away,wishing i had more cash, and cried a little,thinking how lucky I am to be a mother be home with my kids,that brandon has a wonderful job, and that we are so blessed. I truly feel this is affecting me a lot more than I thought doing it would. I'm starting to think of things I own as not really mine, but as mine to share with others.

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