Monday, August 20, 2012

best movie theatre ever!!!

Perry utah walker cinemas... go there...5 dollar tickets 2 dollar popcorn and drink 1.00 candy...and get this FREE REFILLS ON POPCORN AND DRINKS OH MY GOSH! I think I died and went to heaven, On the last day of our trip, me my mom and coco went to see cocos first big kid movie Brave in a small town about 20 minutes north of ogden kind've by Brigham City. Tucked between the home grown fruit stands was this amazing little theatre.. I WAS amazed at the customer service, the prices- they had booster seats for kids and we were the only ones there- it was so fun!  I didn't know places like this still existed...coco ran down the aisle with her blankie and we could only see her head and occasionally a wave to me and my mom- totally a moment I will never forget. She was adorable it was so quiet and small townie that I just loved it! It's too bad we cant have this feeling everywhere still. I miss small towns.

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