Monday, October 15, 2012

adventure with Chloe

I have a couple days off work so have a couple adventures planned with the kids.

Today Bree needed a few minutes to work on a couple headbands. Chloe and I went on a public transit adventure... or as she put it "train ride"

We got to the bus stop right before the bus got there, it was great timing (also rush hour so lots of buses coming). Chloe really wanted a yellow school bus like her brothers but this was fun too.

after the bus we got onto the train and climbed on the seats, looked out the windows. We found a seagull by the bottle depot and lots of people thought we were cute.

Chloe jumped on the seats

and switched between a few seats

and since we were well behaved on the train we got a treat

it was super busy for 9am, lots of kids that looked like they should have been in class at the high school across the street.

we had our own personal chauffeur for the ride home, no one else on the bus. We made it home in time to go to dance class and Bree got her work done. Success!

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